Here are examples of different types of recordings I have worked on:

New Music Ensemble

I recorded, edited, and mixed Use Your Inside Voice by Don Freund. It was performed by the IU New Music Ensemble in Auer Hall at the Jacobs School of Music. This was the premiere of this piece.

Classical Orchestra

I recorded and mixed this live performance by Joshua Bell and the IU Student Chamber String Orchestra. It was performed in the Musical Arts Center at the Jacobs School of Music.

Jazz Ensemble

I recorded and mixed this live performance of Like Someone in Love by Jimmy Van Heusen. It is performed by the Brent Wallarab Jazz Ensemble and features Alex Young as the soloist on tenor saxophone.

Multitrack Recording

I recorded all of the tracks on this album with a fellow student engineer using the student studios at Jacobs. The album was then mixed by an alum of the Recording Arts program and recently released by the artist.

Sound for Film

This was a part of the project called Double Exposure. It is a collaboration between Tele-Comm students, Composition majors, and Recording Arts majors. I recorded the original piece of music in Ford Hall and then edited it and mixed it to the film. The ensemble later performed the music live to the video in a performance at the IU Cinema.